Due to the modern day sedentary lifestyle, the majority of women go into and leave pregnancy with chronic back pain that can continue well after they have given birth. To prevent this from happening, you can follow these five tips to having good posture, especially within the workplace.

  • When walking make sure that your toes are pointed forward, your head is facing straight (not held too high or looking down), and keep your shoulders rolled back but not so far as to bend your spine.  With your arms at your sides, slowly rotate and point your thumbs out to your sides to get your shoulders into this position.
  • When sitting try to sit in a hard, straight backed chair. If you can’t, use a rolled up towel or lumbar roll for back support. Put your back against and totally aligned with the chair, keep your feet flat on the floor (don’t cross your legs), and distribute body weight to both hips evenly.
  • When standing, follow the same tips as walking but also be sure to keep knees straight but not locked, take breaks as often as possible, and wear comfortable shoes and hose that support your back.  Imagine a line pulling your spine up from a point two fingers above your navel to correct your posture.  Breathe deeply.
  • When lifting make sure to kneel down with a straight back and wide-legged, make sure you have a firm stance, and lift using only your legs. In general, avoid lifting awkward and/or heavy objects.  This is what non-pregnant and male co-workers are for 
  • When driving, do the same as when sitting and also be sure to be at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel, be at a distance that keeps your legs only slightly bent in order to reach the pedals, and always wear the seatbelt in the correct fashion.  Take the time to adjust your seat bottom, back and steering wheel into comfortable positions.

Following these simple tips can greatly improve your posture and reduce or eliminate the back pain that you may experience during pregnancy!

– Doc Momma Maternity Lab Coats.